Welcome to Iceland – a place where you can witness the dark polar nights during winter time and the magical midnight sun during the sunny summer months.


Iceland – a special island in the far north – with 360,000 inhabitants, which welcomes over 2 million tourists each year, due to its unique and beautiful nature.  The country in the North Atlantic offers a variety of different characteristics – such as the last remaining glaciers, shining glacier lagoons, bubbling hot springs, spewing volcanoes, volcanic black sand beaches and powerful waterfalls. As the summer is now on its way, we will take you through some of the most beautiful (must-visit) places in Iceland.



What to do in Iceland during Summer



1. Visit South of Iceland


South of Iceland is by far the most popular route during summer time. This is mainly due to the unique & exceptional activities that the south can offer.

Get ready for loads of fun throughout your stay in the south!


What to do in the South of Iceland

  • Expect to find a lot of waterfalls
  • Expect to see puffins & loads of sheep
  • Expect to see some very dramatic looking mountains
  • Relax at the Black Sand Beach
  • Enjoy the magnificent views at the Diamond Beach
  • Take a boat tour in Jökulsárlón 
  • Expect to see some gigantic glaciers 


What to do on a glacier?

  1. Go hiking on a glacier 
  2. Test your strength while ice climbing
  3. Explore a natural ice cave 


Explore South of Iceland by joining any of following tours (activities are included in the price):

  1. 1 Day South Coast tour (Reykjavik – Black Sand Beach) + glacier hike + waterfalls
  2. 2 Day South Coast tour (Reykjavik – Black Sand Beach – Diamond Beach – Glacier Lagoon) + glacier hike + boat ride in Jökulsárlón + waterfalls
  3. 3  Day South Coast tour (Reykjavik – Golden Circle –  Black Sand Beach – Diamond Beach – Glacier Lagoon) + glacier hike + boat ride in Jökulsárlón + waterfalls



people hiking on a glacier



2. Visit North of Iceland


North of Iceland – one of the least visited places in Iceland will give you a lot of freedom, space and time to relax. Most of the people you will meet on the way are either locals living in the northern part of the country, or tourists doing the Ring Road trip (who are traveling the whole country). 

The north is very different from the south. Different mountains, different activities, different breathtaking landscapes.. 


What to do in the North of Iceland

  • Expect to find large waterfalls – Dettifoss & Goðafoss 
  • Explore a highly geothermal area – Mývatn
  • Go Whale watching in Húsavík
  • Visit the ‘’Capital of the North’’ – Akureyri


If you have decided to explore the north of Iceland, then expect many other stops on the way – as you pass by many other exceptionally beautiful places. The north of Iceland is a place which is definitely beloved by the Icelanders. 


You can get to the top of the world by joining the ‘’Around Iceland’’ tours, which are:

  1. 6 Days around Iceland (summer)
  2. 8 Days around Iceland (summer)



mountains in the sunset


3. Visit West of Iceland 


Just after a few hour drive from Reykjavik, you will end up near another magical part of Iceland – The West of Iceland. 

Expect to see the famous Kirkjufell mountain from the Game of Thrones, loads of seals, mesmerizing Basalt Cliffs, a monster glacier at its tip, and so much more!


 What to do in the West of Iceland

  1. Visit the famous Kirkjufell mountain 
  2. Enter the most beautiful church in Iceland – the Black Church of Búdir
  3. Meet the seals at Ytri Tunga
  4. Relax on a black volcanic beach – Djúpalónssandur
  5. Reach the Saxhóll Volcanic Crater  

The West is definitely special when it comes to nature. A place where you will feel the power of the earth.


You can visit west of Iceland by joining any of the following tours:

  1. Full-day Snæfellsnes Peninsula tour
  2. 4 Day Snæfellsness & South Coast (Reykjavik – Snæfellsnes – Black Sand Beach – Diamond Beach – Glacier Lagoon) + glacier hike + boat ride in Jökulsárlón + waterfalls
  3. 6 Days around Iceland (summer)
  4. 8 Days around Iceland (summer)


black church in the wild


4. East of Iceland 


Welcome to the east of Iceland – a place where you can explore the wilderness and experience a real life “slow city”. Get ready to meet Icelandic horses, wild reindeer and other animals. This place is exceptionally unique because of a little town, which has one ultimate goal in mind  –  to live a wonderful life by being  ‘’stress & anxiety free”.


What to do in the East of Iceland

  1. Expect to see a lot of wildlife
  2. Explore a village of Djúpivogur
  3. Go Horse riding on Icelandic horses
  4. Relax at Vök Baths
  5. Visit the most charming town in Iceland – Seyðisfjörður

Seyðisfjörður is Iceland’s first Cittaslow town. Cittaslow is part of a movement with a goal to improve the quality of life of people that live and work there, by slowing down the pace in life. The ultimate goal is to create a serene and calm environment where everyone can live their lives without stress.


The East is also exceptionally famous for its fish. The fishing villages can be found everywhere in the east, therefore promising you some delicious seafood.


You can visit the East of Iceland by joining any of the following tours:

  1. 6 Days around Iceland (summer)
  2. 8 Days around Iceland (summer)


puffin in the grass


Wish you all an unforgettable experience in Iceland!

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