Exciting new changes await Troll Expeditions as we are planning to move into the new Skaftafell Terminal on May 1st. There we will team up with the sightseeing airline Atlantsflug to make adventures in Skaftafell National Park even more exciting. Read on to know more about our newest adventure!

Written by Vignir. Edited by Alondra Silva Munoz.

When we at Troll Expeditions started our operations in Skaftafell, it was small and simple. We were a family that slept together in tents, ate a lot of instant noodles and guided small groups of explorers on to the glaciers. Our family was small then, but has quickly been growing and now we operate tours from Reykjavík, Thingvellir, Vík and from our main destination Skaftafell. We have always been committed to professionalism and responsible tourism and that will not change even though we are growing.

That is the reason why we are super excited to move to the Skaftafell Terminal where we will be able to serve you even better! In the new terminal we will have a new service desk to receive visitors. There we will also have a new meeting point for our tours so our guests will be able to relax and spend a cozy time together before embracing the Icelandic nature. We will also remain a Glacier Troll family and look forward to receiving you on May 1st in Skaftafell Terminal.

Just as importantly, our new meeting point will be only a few meters from the Main Road 1 and will have free parking for all our visitors.

Adding to our excitement is that our partner Atlantsflug will operate the biggest privately-owned airport in Iceland from Skaftafell Terminal and will offer sightseeing flights from there the whole year around. In Skaftafell Terminal they will also provide cutting edge service facilities for tour operators like Troll Expeditions so we know that our services will be amazing there. We at Troll Expeditions are also certain that having a combined tourist terminal will offer our visitors the possibility to take an exciting sightseeing flight before or after taking a tour with us at Troll Expeditions.

It′s safe to say Skaftafell will be more dynamic and exciting to visit than ever before. We are committed to responsible tourism and are proud to embark on this journey. We hope that the new Skaftafell Terminal will be a positive step to making the tourist infrastructure better in South-East Iceland for the benefit of the whole community there.

We look forward to receiving you in the new Skaftafell Terminal from May 1st and onwards! We are also excited to know how you like the new facilities when they open.