Are you looking into traveling this summer? From June 15th Icelandair has been flying regularly from 11 locations to Iceland and other airlines including Atlantic Airways, Czech Airlines, SAS, Transavia and Wizz air which will add another 5 locations from the beginning of July making it possible to fly to Iceland from a total of 16 locations that are already confirmed. 


As Iceland has virtually beaten the Covid 19 pandemic it is a perfect place for a vacation this summer as well it should be on the list of locations you are looking into for your trip as it is one of the safest places you can go to.

To start with there will be direct flights from Copenhagen, Berlin, München, Amsterdam, Zürich, Frankfurt, Paris, London, Stockholm, Oslo, Budapest, Vienna,Prague, Gdansk, Milano, Boston and Faroe Island with more locations being added every week as things progress.

UPDATE 1st of July 2020 As Iceland is a part of the Schengen Area Agreement only visitors from that area have been allowed to travel to Iceland but soon it will open to the residents of 15 other states outside of that area, here you can read more about these plans.

Iceland will continue to do its best to fight of the Covid 19 pandemic with strict rules for all those involved in travel and any kind of service and the nation has been very active and understanding in regards to social distancing as well so if you add the fact that there is a lot of space and very few people in Iceland there is simply no better place to go to this summer either on a self drive tour or joining a small group tour to check out some of the most beautiful sights in the world. Jump on over to our website HERE to find a tour that suits you and let us take you on an adventure in Iceland 🙂


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