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Imagine strapping on your snorkel gear and diving into a world where you're not just swimming but literally drifting between tectonic plates. Welcome to Silfra in Iceland, where snorkeling is not just an adventure; it's a geological marvel in action!

Silfra is the ultimate hotspot for underwater enthusiasts because it sits right on the boundary between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. Now, these aren't just any plates; we're talking about the massive puzzle pieces that make up the Earth's crust. And guess what? Silfra is the seam where they're shaking hands, or should we say, bumping underwater elbows.

As you glide through the crystalline waters of Silfra, you're essentially snorkeling in the gap that's pulling North America and Europe apart. It's like being in the Earth's version of a VIP lounge where the guest list is exclusive to those with fins and a sense of awe. The visibility in Silfra is so clear you can practically count the ripples on a fish's tail from meters away. It's like swimming through liquid air – breathtakingly pure and undeniably surreal.

The underwater landscape is a living testament to the slow dance of the tectonic plates. Massive rocks and formations, some resembling underwater sculptures, tell the story of a geological ballet that has been unfolding for centuries. You're not just snorkeling; you're time-traveling through the Earth's history, witnessing the subtle but powerful forces that shape our planet.

Silfra isn't just a dive site; it's a natural wonder that turns every stroke of your fins into a journey through the heart of the Earth.

Now, let's talk about our Troll Snorkeling team – the wizards of underwater exploration. These folks don't just guide you; they turn your snorkeling escapade into a memory you'll cherish like the last piece of chocolate in a box. Safety is their middle name (figuratively speaking), and they've got all the snorkeling gear you need. Your only job? Soak it all in and avoid challenging underwater dance moves.

So, if you've ever dreamed of snorkeling between continents, Silfra is the place to make that dream a reality 🌊✨

Included (in the price)

Go Pro Photos

Get unique underwater photos of you

Snorkeling Drysuit

Prevents Water leaking in. Stay dry at all times

Warm Suit

Snorkel suit that gives you extra warmth & comfort

Snorkel Fins

Attach the fins to your feet and move freely in the water

Snorkel Mask

Allows you to breathe and see underwater

Hot Chocolate

Warm and Comforting drink

Hraun Chocolate

Replenish your energy with Hraun Chocolate Bar.

Small Group

Few people on every tour for maximum comfort


Snorkeling in Silfra Tour

Watch the video to learn more about the Snorkeling in Silfra Tour

Snorkeling in Silfra

If you're looking for an amazing experience that will leave you breathless, then Silfra snorkeling is the place for you. Located in the Silfra fissure, this unique spot is known for its crystal-clear waters and stunning scenery. This area of open water between two continents is considered one of Iceland's top natural wonders, and for a good reason! Whether you're an avid diver or just looking to try something different, snorkeling in Silfra is a must for your bucket list. Here's everything you need to know about this beautiful site!

Why should everyone try snorkeling in Silfra?

The incredible biodiversity of Silfra has led to it becoming an important site for scientific research, particularly in ecology. It has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in recognition of its unique geological features and cultural importance. However, despite its natural beauty and scientific significance, many travelers are still unaware of its existence. This is why it is so important to spread the word about this hidden gem! With that in mind, here are a few reasons why you need to visit Silfra:

It's One of The Most Beautiful Places in the World

Silfra is truly one of nature's marvels, and it's easy to understand why so many people are drawn to the area. The unique rock formations and beautiful colors of the lakes provide a truly surreal experience that is both calming and mesmerizing. Whether you choose to snorkel or scuba dive, you'll feel like you've traveled to a different world while exploring the underwater paradise of Silfra. Best of all, you don't have to travel too far to experience this incredible place - in fact it’s only a short drive from Reykjavik! This makes it perfect for a day trip, so you can explore this fantastic site without committing to a longer trip.

It's So Much More Than Just A Dive Site

In addition to being a popular tourist destination for divers and snorkelers, Silfra also has a number of natural attractions that are perfect for visitors of all ages. There are a number of hiking trails that will take you through the beautiful surrounding countryside, where you can enjoy spectacular views of the lakes. You can also visit the Gullfoss waterfall, which is just a short drive away from Silfra. For those who enjoy fishing, the lake is also an excellent spot for fly fishing. Whether you're looking for adventure or just want to relax in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, Silfra has something for everyone!

It Offers Incredible Views Of The World Beneath Water

One of the main reasons that people choose to visit Silfra is the opportunity to view the world beneath the surface. The clear waters of the lake allow visitors to gaze into the abyss as they swim through the ancient fissure. The water is so clear that you can see more than 100 meters down where the cliffs aren’t in the way. 

It's a Place For Unique Photos And Memories

Another reason that people love visiting Silfra is that it is one of the best places in Iceland to take photos and videos. The water is extremely clear, making it ideal for taking stunning photos beneath the waves. Many people choose to commemorate their trip to Silfra by taking a photo of themselves beside the famous rift - the thin blue water dividing the continent of North America from Europe can be seen in the background of many popular images of the lake. These photographs make wonderful souvenirs that can be treasured for years to come. It's also a great place for selfies!

It's An Ideal Spot For A Day Trip

There are many things you can do while you're visiting Silfra and the surrounding areas. You can spend the day exploring the beautiful countryside or relaxing on the shores of the crystal-clear lake. Both options offer plenty of fun for the whole family and make for an unforgettable vacation. If you'd rather spend your time in the water, you can join one of the guided tours that offer scuba diving and snorkeling experiences for the entire family. The water is around the same temperature for the whole year, around 2-4° C. 

Tröll offers a snorkeling tour between the continents where there are underwater photos included. You get all the equipment and hot cocoa after the snorkel. You can also buy a package with a bus tour from your hotel in Reykjavik to the site. Also, if you love waterfalls, you can also take the Golden Circle package! Explore a part of history and dip in the crystal clear waters while watching and enjoying all the sights below the water's surface.