On June 15th Schengen countries opened for travel and Iceland as a part of that opened as well for travelers within that area, to get into the country you need to choose between the option of quarantine and getting tested, they are offering tests at the airport when you arrive and you get the results within 24 hours. These tests are free of charge until the 1st of July but from that date it will be 15000 ISK per person.

This has started off well and on the first day of this procedure everyone opted for the test and only two tested positive for Covid – 19 and needed to go into quarantine, the others will continue their travels as planned. To find further information about the tests and process of entering the country you can check out https://utl.is/index.php/en/ which we highly recommend checking out when planning your trip to Iceland.

Everyone needs to register and use the pre registration form that you can find here https://visit.covid.is/ will speed up the process for you but that can only be done 72 hours before arriving in Iceland. They have also created an app that will send you notifications and updates about Covid – 19 while you are here which is a good idea to have as well, you can download the app here https://www.covid.is/app/en and we do recommend doing that as well to reduce the risks of any issues having an affect on your trip.

The limitations will be reconsidered regularly and the next date we expect to see some changes to the screening process and what countries will be open for travel to Iceland is July 1st, until then we recommend checking the updates on the website linked to above for information.

The status in Iceland is that there are only a few active cases of Covid – 19 and in the last month only a handful have been diagnosed, the locals are following the guidelines for social distancing very well and work together on fighting this pandemic as they have done since it started.

Restaurants, bars and shops are open for business as well as other services, swimming pools for example but some with some restrictions so looking into that before coming is a good idea.

The fact that Iceland is so very sparsely populated makes it the perfect place to travel to during these difficult times to enjoy nature and a little time away from others, check out our tours on www.troll.is and join us on some small group tours while you are here  🙂