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We are Tröll Expeditions

Passionate about Adventure Travel in Iceland

Ever wish that you had a friend in every country to show you the secret spots, share the inside stories and venture off-the-beaten-path with? Tröll Expeditions is exactly that: your reliable friend and local expert in Iceland.

We’re all about adventure travel that involves close encounters with the tremendous forces of nature that the land of fire and ice is so well-known for. We provide knowledgeable adventure experts and the safety equipment and gear you need. All you need to do is bring a strong dose of enthusiasm and an appetite for life-changing thrills.

We create happy memories for our friends visiting the land of ice and fire!

Traveling in Iceland

The Yule Lads – The Icelandic Santa Claus?

When it comes to the role of the red-clad, generous Santa Claus, Christmas in Iceland has been different from other places, for Santa is, to an extent, absent from the scene. In Iceland, Yule lads, trolls and other mountain dwelling creatures from folklores have been...

Can I Go Glacier Hiking on My Own in Iceland?

No trip to Iceland is complete without hiking over the massive, mesmerising and seemingly unreal glaciers. The sheer beauty of what you see around will make you struggle for adjectives. Hiking to the top of a glacier will allow you to soak in probably one of the most...

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