After taking matters regarding the pandemic very seriously and using the best resources and people available Iceland has virtually defeated Covid-19 and professionals are raving about how well this little island handled things, this is of course one of the main things that has kept the locals alive here for the last 1200 years on an island that regularly burst into flames and tries it´s best to get rid of them though we Trolls have been here a lot longer 🙂


Iceland Travel Restrictions

From June 15th Iceland will be open for travelers and the plan is to test each person coming in at the airport and a team of people is putting together the process of how this will be done so all travelers can enjoy our island in safety without any worries about the pandemic and without the need for a quarantine when they arrive, news will be posted on the details soon and we will be sure to share them as well on our social media to get the word out to our followers and interested travelers around the world.

At the moment there is a fee of 15000 ISK to get tested at the airport from July 1st but this is still under consideration and might change before June 15th so make sure to get information about that when you plan your trip. Iceland has become one of the safest places in the world to travel to in light of the pandemic and with our wide open natural spaces keeping distance from others is not a problem while enjoying the beautiful sights.

Make sure to check out our website for some amazing news and tour availability HERE and join us on an amazing journey on a glacier or into the fresh waters of Silfra while you are here, we will see you and perhaps you will catch a glimpse of a Troll in the wild as well  😉


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