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Why should I book a Guided Ring Road tour?

Are you planning to come to Iceland and explore the fascinating beauty of the entire country but still don't want to go through the hassle of renting a car and take the risk of self-driving?
Have you been spending your precious time browsing to set up an itinerary but still struggling to understand, due to the wide selection of places and activities the Ring Road offers, what locations should be a must-see on the list and which hotels to stay at?

Driving in Iceland, particularly in the winter time, can be a major challenge, especially if you come from a country where "black ice" (icy roads), snow storms, and hurricanes are not common; setting up a broad itinerary that includes all sort of remarkable natural spots, popular attractions, as well as fun activities to maximize your journey, can be overwhelming; finding available accommodation around the country, especially during the summer and the peak season, is an extremely difficult task.

Professionally guided & crafted-organized Ring Road tours with Troll Expeditions are the key to unlocking the most unforgettable adventure in Iceland in a smart and stress-free way: it takes no longer than a simple click to book your ready-to-join comprehensive vacation package, and entrust yourself in the hands of the most reliable and experienced tour operator in the country!
Our guided around Iceland tours will help you optimize the time for your stay in Iceland, since we take care of every single detail for you: transportation- get ready for pick you up in Reykjavik's capital area, and take a seat on our comfortable mini-bus; accommodation- we choose and book for you cozy hotels around the island, with private bathrooms & breakfast included; activities & itinerary- we include amusing activities on the way: glacier hike, ice cave, whale watching, and much more!

From cascading waterfalls & blue-majestic glaciers to black-sand deserts and bright-green mossy fields, our expert & knowledgeable guides will share with you valuable cultural insights, engaging stories, and helpful information you might miss on your own, providing you with a more authentic experience! With our small-group guided Around Iceland tour, you have the opportunity not only to make new friends & share your Icelandic adventure but also and especially to capture breathtaking moments and create everlasting memories!


Included (in the price)


Free breakfast and private bathrooms

Glacier Hike

We will explore a Glacier

Ice Cave

Ride on our Super jeep to the Ice Cave

Boat Tour

Visit massive icebergs in a Glacier Lagoon (summer season)

Whale Watching

Boat Tour to see the largest mammals!


Internet access on board our minibus

Small Group

Few people on every tour for maximum comfort


English Speaking Guide


6-Day Tour with Tröll Expeditions

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Ring Road - Car vs Tour

You can easily travel all the way around the Ring Road in about 6-8 days, although some people choose to take two weeks or more to explore all of the different tourist sites along the ring road. Of course, you could also take a longer tour of the ring road by car or by motorcycle if you prefer, but keep in mind that you'll need plenty of gas if you're planning on driving the entire route. The Ring road is about 1322 kilometers long in total (828 miles).

As it circles the island, you will be able to reach the different parts of Iceland (except the highlands and Westfjords).

You can find great accommodation all around Iceland, but we really recommend our Troll Villa in Hof which you can find here.

One of the best things about the ring road is that it gives you the chance to really experience all of the country's natural beauty. You'll pass through many beautiful small towns throughout the trip, and you'll even get the chance to see geothermal pools and hot rivers in action.

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Day 1: Golden Circle

Start the day off to see Thingvellir National Park, then go to Haukadalur Geothermal Area where you will see the famous Geysir, the original one that has named all other geysers in the World. Then go to Gullfoss, where water from the glacial river Hvítá rushes down two tiers of a 32-meter fall. 

Day 2: The South Coast

Continue your journey heading to the South Coast towards magnificent Seljalandsfoss, with a 65-meter drop. If you have not had enough waterfalls, you can move on to another one, Skógafoss, one of Iceland's largest waterfalls. You could also go on the Katla Ice Cave tour with a Super Jeep ride starting in Vík.
To end the day, you would visit the famous Black Sand Beach, Reynisfjara. One of the most famous Icelandic places to visit with truly unique nature all around you. 

Day 3: The South - East

Start the day with a Glacier Hike on Sólheimajökull where you will be surrounded by one of the largest glaciers in Europe. After that you will go to Jökulsárlón, where you can take an unforgettable boat ride around Jölsárlón Glacier Lagoon (during summer), where you will get a chance to get close to floating icebergs. Next to the Glacier Lagoon, only a few minutes away, you have the Diamond Beach, where the icebergs strand on the sand and resemble crystals as they lie on the black satin beach. 

Day 4: The East Fjords

Explore amazing and rare wildlife in the east of Iceland. This is the only place in Iceland where you might see wild Reindeer sometimes. With high mountain ridges and Icelandic history in peaceful fishing villages, you will experience Icelandic culture. This is a great place to try out the famous Icelandic horse by going on a horseback riding trip. You could also take a nice geothermal bath in VÖK Baths, which will allow you complete relaxation and a chance to experience the geothermal nature of Iceland up close.

Day 5: The Mývatn Area and Dettifoss

Lake Mývatn and its beautiful surroundings are next up. You will explore the geothermal region around the Lake. This day is packed with further amazing sightseeing locations: Námaskarð pass, a high-temperature geothermal area where the earth boils and gurgles; Dimmuborgir, a field of peculiar shaped lava pillars that rise from the earth; the majestic Dettifoss waterfall from the Prometheus movie opening scene, with a 100 meters wide and 44 meters high fall into the Jökulsárgljúfur canyon; the old forest Ásbyrgi situated in a horseshoe-shaped canyon, the phenomenal waterfall Goðafoss, important in Christian Icelandic history.

On the way to Akureyri, your next overnight stop, we’ll pass through the fishing village Húsavík, now famous for being The Hometown of the movie Fire Saga: Eurovision and some resourceful elves.

Day 6: North Iceland

North Iceland - Explore Akureyri, the largest town in the north of Iceland, and the nearby villages. Explore the beautiful small village, Hauganes, and go whale watching!

Day 7: Snæfellsnes Peninsula

Move on to the magnificent Snæfellsnes Peninsula, it welcomes you with its world of cliffs, mountain capes, unique wildlife and ancient fishing settlements. You will visit Gerðuberg, a hexagonal basalt column cluster - made of over 600 basalt columns. Next up is Ytri-Tunga where you will find both a black and white beach and a seal colony! After that you will go to Djúpalónssandur, one of the most beautiful beaches in Iceland. Víðgelmir Lava Cave is next to it where you can take an unforgettable journey into Iceland’s largest lava cave.

Day 8: West Iceland

West Iceland - Your first stop will be Deildartunguhver, which is the most powerful hot spring in Europe and you can see the hot steam and boiling water bubbling from the ground. The surface around the hot spring has turned red from the minerals and steam surrounding it. 

Your next stop will be Reykholt, a location with a significant historical heritage as it was the home of Snorri Sturluson. After that, you will visit two different but equally special waterfalls - Hraunfossar and Barnafoss. 

Summer Tour vs Winter Tour

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