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Katla Volcano Ice Cave

Private Tour - See the beautiful Katla Ice Cave & the area around with a Super jeep.

Duration4 Hours
AvailabilityAll Year
HotelNot included


All year


You will explore the beautiful Katla Ice Cave and the area around it with a Super jeep




You will be in safe hands with highly professional guides


You will learn about geology in Katla


12 Hours


From Reykjavík


Visit this truly unique Ice Cave underneath Katla volcano. Witness the breathtaking combination of fire and ice inside one of the rarest natural phenomenon.

About the Tour

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Tour Description

The tour begins at the Soup Company in Vík, where you will find our experienced glacier guide and a modified Super-jeep at our meeting point. You will climb aboard an off-road monster truck that will navigate you through rough terrain towards the edges of the legendary Katla Volcano and the massive icecap which resides above it.

As you absorb the sweeping views of the mountains, glaciers and black volcanic deserts of the Mýrdalssandur flood plains, your guide will share with you the fascinating stories, tales and extraordinary geology that are connected to this beautiful area in the South of Iceland.

After the adventurous drive up to the highlands, you will get off the Super-jeep near the edge of the glacier. You will be given a helmet, headlamps and crampons to wear whilst hiking. Your qualified guide will inform you on how to use the gear and how to stay safe and secure during this adventure that takes us through multiple ice formations in the volcanic glacier outlets of Mýrdalsjökull glacier, that is inaccessible for the typical tourist.

Katla is a name that will put shivers down any Icelanders spine. She is one of Iceland’s most feared and devastating volcanoes. Having been dormant for over 100 years to this day, we want to take you up to her roots for an unforgettable adventure, playing in the fire and ice and seeing the picturesque landscapes that have been formed and shaped by the might and power from the previous Katla eruptions.

This tour is for travellers who want to experience something extraordinary and truly unique. If you want to venture off the beaten path and away from the crowds, Katla Volcano Ice Cave is the right tour for you!

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Ice Cave

Go with a Super Jeep & Enter an ICE CAVE

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