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FlyOver Iceland

FlyOver Iceland is a 5D experience with full-motion seating & a wraparound screen

LocationFrom Reykjavík
Duration1 Hour
TransportationNot Included
AvailabilityAll Year
HotelNot included
Food & DrinksNot Included


All year


FlyOver Iceland is a 5D experience with; full-motion seating and a wraparound screen. The wind blows as you move in the air, and scents from the places you're watching blow your way.




You will sit on airplane-like seats with seat belts that keep you and everyone else safe.


The seats will hang 20 meters up in the air.


35 minutes




Magical Glaciers, mesmerizing fjords & ancient folklore.

FlyOver Iceland is a state-of-the-art technology that gives you the feeling of flying. The seats hang suspended, with your feet dangling mid-air. In front of you is a 20-meter spherical screen that gives you an all-around viewing experience. The film was filmed on a helicopter with its nose down while filming, so the final results give you, the viewer, the ultimate feeling of actually being there, flying over fields, lakes, glaciers, fjords, and mountaintops. Scent, mist, and wind blow your way as you sit there, hitting all your senses.

There are two original pre-ride shows. 

The pre-ride shows explore humankind in a specific era, and what role nature had on them living on this striking island. Volcanoes, glaciers, Vikings, trolls & more, everything had a powerful impact on life.

About the Tour

Watch the video to learn more about FlyOver Iceland

Pre-ride Description

The Longhouse

An Icelandic storyteller will welcome you to his ancient Viking Longhouse. Join him as he sits by the fire and weaves a tale. A fascinating shadow-play projection brings it all to life.

The Well of Time

The Well of Time is an immersive exploration journey through Iceland's history. Your guide is Sú Vitra, a character based on local troll legends designed by illustrator Brian Pilkington. She is older than the human imagination can fathom and symbolizes the wisdom and enchantment of Iceland. She'll guide you using video, imagery, music, and sound, and the forces of nature come to life.

There are three different acts she'll guide you through:

1. You'll feel the power of the land. Nature often shows how strong and violent it can be.

2. The arrival of man to the land and an introduction of "Þetta Reddast"; Life continues, no matter what.

3. Learn how the Icelandic people made life on this rough island.

Is the ride difficult

The ride isn't hard, but the movement is gently thrilling, and everyone over 100cm/40″ tall can ride with only a few exceptions.

We, unfortunately, can't allow pregnant women to ride due to Industry guidelines.

Chronic back or neck pain, heart conditions, photosensitive epilepsy, or conditions aggravated by visual stimuli such as flashing rides should not ride or ride at their own risk.

Guests who use wheelchairs can ride if they or a companion can help them move to FlyOver Iceland seats. If that's not possible, there is a stationary position on the ride platform.

Guests who have difficulty standing for long periods, please advise one of our Flight Guides; they will accommodate you to the best of their ability by providing a folding chair at specific points and minimizing the number of stairs you'll have to climb. If necessary, they will assist you in using our internal lift.


We care about everyone's safety and well-being, both our guests and staff. The ride will be fully sanitized between rides.

Is the ride season bound

No, because the ride and pre-shows happen indoors.


✓ Having your picture taken before the show in front of a green screen is optional, and the results will be a great background.

✓ Seat belts in all seats.

✓ Rigorous staff training

✓ Enhanced cleaning program

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