Meet our Team - Tröll Expeditions

Our team includes the best professionals in the tourism industry with vast experience in providing high-quality and safe travel adventures in Iceland.

The Tröll Team is very diverse and includes professional guides, certified glacier guides, dive masters and instructors, advanced drivers, and other highly qualified staff members.

photo of a man using a blue jacket

Ionut Diaconu

Driver Guide

photo of a man inside a car

Gylfi Thorisson

Driver & Glacier Guide

person using a hat

James Partington

Snorkel Guide

photo of a man using a red jacket with a volcano in the background

Fábio Marcelino

Volcano Guide

Ondřej Štaffa

Glacier Guide

profile photo of a girl with long hair using a red hat

Vicky Segovia

Glacier Guide

profile photo of a women with red hair

Corina Varzaru

Driver Guide

profile picture of a young man

Petro Fedorenko

Frontend Developer

profile picture of a person using a red jacker and a hat with a volcano on the background

Ji Shen

Driver Guide

picture of a man using a red jacket and a red helmet with winter landscape in the background

Sigurður Viðarsson

Driver Guide

Nathan Mathy

Glacier Guide

Palli Ernisson

Lost Prevention

A woman wearing a beanie and shades.

Margrét Magnúsdottir

Driver Guide

A woman wearing a red jacket and a life vest.

Anna Salemme

Customer Service Director

Profile picture of a man.

Alexander Birgisson

Driver Guide

A blonde woman smiling.

Anna Rozynek

Glacier Guide

A brunette woman smiling.

Maria Lagou

Driver / Glacier Guide

A man with frozen beards.

Riccardo Allegrucci

Glacier team manager

Guide with a blue helmet

David Enjuto Rodrigues

Snorkelling Guide

A blonde woman smiling to the camera.

Karen Kristjánsdóttir

Customer Service

Two mens wearing a helmet with a glacier on the back.

Johann Valdimarsson


A blonde woman looking sideways with a lake and a forest in the background

Natalia Bodetko


Two men inside an ice cave.

Ingólfur Axelsson


A blonde woman using shades.

Anna-Lena Gerber

Snorkel Manager

A face of a man with a volcano on the background.

Marcelo Gordo

Snorkel / Volcano / Glacier Guide

A bearded man looking at the camera.


Drive Guide

A man waving an Icelandic flag during winter time.

Þorsteinn Ragnarsson

Fleet Manager

A man with his shades on the forehead looking at the camera.

Birgir Örn

A woman doing duck face to the camera.

Yujie Tian

Customer Service

David Enjuto

Glacier Guide

A man using a beanie with an active volcano on the background.

Jóhann Ívarsson

Drive Guide

A man eating cheese.

Pascal La Rosa

Glacier guide

A woman using a green jacket with a hoodie.

Samantha Rodriguez

Glacier Guide

A man using a blue helmet staring at the camera.

Sighvatur Blöndahl

Driver & Glacier Guide

A man smiling at the camera and paddling on a glacier lagoon.

Thales Martins

Driver Guide.

A man running and jumping between rocks with a glacier on the background.

João Vinte e Um

Driver & Glacier Guide

A man with a black shirt crossing his arms while staring at the camera.


Snorkel Guide

A man petting a Chita.

Yiran Wei

Glacier Guide

A blonde girl with glasses standing next to glacier lagoon

Hrund Sæmundsdóttir


Blonde girl with a hat

Vigdís Pála Halldórsdóttir


Happy girl in nature

Eygló Kristjánsdóttir

Customer Service

A man wearing a blue jacket during winter time.

Sveinn Sighvatsson

Driver & Glacier Guide