Why you should visit Iceland in Winter

Iceland is one of the most sought after destinations in the world to visit and tops many bucket lists of travellers and adventure seekers. But how do you make sure you don’t miss out on any hidden gems or must see sites ?

Written by Andrea Gylfadóttir.

Your Iceland Vacation is set

Although the Golden Circle route that includes all the big attractions is an essential experience for your Iceland expedition you will certainly not be disappointed by the rest of Iceland and the places you will find as soon as you step a little bit further into the land of fire and ice. To get the most out of your trip a well planned expedition with that covers all the places you want to see surely is the best solution. Tröll has tours that will give you a chance to sit back and enjoy the magical experiences Iceland brings to the table without the hassle of planning, driving and figuring out the best routes and sites to include in your trip.  Travelling in Iceland during the winter months can be even more magical than its bright summer nights. Once the dark nights of winter take charge of the sky the Aurora borealis is easier to see and we hope that you can enjoy their magical appearance with us. 

We chose the best places to visit in Iceland

Our 6 and 8 day small group winter tours will take you to the most popular destinations, starting in the capital, Reykjavík and travelling from there to the south coast of Iceland while visiting all the amazing locations on the way such as the Golden Circle, Gullfoss, Geysir and Thingvellir National Park. 

You will then carry on further along the South Coast with all of its amazing sites and you get a chance to explore waterfalls, Reynisfjara black sand beach, basalt columns. 

Skógafoss and Seljalandsfoss are both located on the South Coast of Iceland and have become very popular locations. They provide an amazing sight as the water cascades from high cliffs. Great spots for creating memories and taking gorgeous photos.

Further along the South Coast, Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon awaits you with it’s floating large icebergs drifting calmly towards the ocean

The icebergs follow their path to the Diamond Beach where they strand on the sand and resemble crystals as they lie on the black satin beach. A unique and magical sight.


The Eastfjords of Iceland are the home to an amazingly rare wildlife and is the only place in Iceland where reindeer might be seen. These fjords have extremely high mountain ridges with the mighty Vatnajökull towering in the West. Journey along the Eastfjords and enjoy an accommodation in a peaceful small village.

Leaving the East and approaching the North you will explore Lake Myvatn, Dimmuborgir Fortress and Namaskard Pass.

Lake Mývatn has beautiful surroundings and there you explore its geothermal region, unique lava formations, mud pools and as an added extra you can enjoy complete relaxation the geothermally heated nature baths. You will spend the night in Akureyri. Remember to look for the beautiful Northern Lights at night if skies are clear before you turn in to your accommodation.

After exploring the North of Iceland you will be on your way back South with a stop on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula. There you will visit black and white beaches, seals, basalt columns and of course the iconic Kirkjufell mountain.

This phenomenal mountain has proven to be one of Iceland’s most popular places to visit because of its picturesque features. Kirkjufell has been featured in Game of Thrones as the “arrowhead mountain” located beyond the wall, we have not run into any White-Walkers in Snæfellsnes though, so don’t worry.

Let the experts of Icelandic nature lead the way so you can enjoy every fjord, waterfall, mountain, hot springs and all that Iceland is waiting to introduce you to. Book now, we’re waiting for you!