Skógafoss Waterfall – Exploring Iceland

Have you ever had the opportunity to stand next to an awe-inspiring waterfall? If yes… then perhaps mere words are not enough to describe the magical, refreshing and rejuvenating experience that you might have had. So, if you too are looking to experience the sheer power of cascading water, then Iceland should be your next holiday destination. This land of waterfalls houses many distinct waterfalls, each one of which is unique in itself.

One such stunning waterfall, which you must include in your itinerary, is the iconic Skogafoss waterfall. Located at the south coast of Iceland on the Skoga River, Skogafoss is one of the most frequented tourist destinations in the country. Descending from a height of 60 meters and having a width of 25 meters, the waterfall takes a near perfect rectangular shape as it plunges down from the rocky cliffs. 

The single or multiple rainbows that are formed when the misty spray catches the sun’s rays, not only adding to the mystical allure, but also offer avid photographers a perfect capture. The waterfall is for sure nature in its most beautiful form. A major reason why the falls have become so popular with visitors is their easy accessibility. So it’s no surprise to see people flocking around it in huge numbers. 

However, to witness the actual grandeur of this majestic waterfall, it’s recommended that you take the steep steps that reach the top of the waterfall. Though, most people who visit Skogafoss admire its beauty from below, there are few who venture to the top to get a unique perspective of the waterfall, as well as an expansive view of the South Iceland coast. 

How to reach Skógafoss

Located 149 km from Reykjavik, the Skogafoss waterfall can be easily spotted from Ring Road 1. As you drive from Reykjavik to take the Ring Road, you will drive through the beautiful villages of Selfoss, Hveragerdi and Hella to reach Seljalandsfoss. From here you turn towards Vik, and drive for another 25-30 minutes before finally reaching Skogafoss. Visiting Skógafoss is a part of many small group tours and is the perfect location for day tours packed with activities. Should you be interested in glaciers aswall and want to embark on a glacier hike and explore ice caps, glacier tongues, glacial ice and also stop by the amazing waterfalls on the south coast, a day tour that includes all of these things may be the perfect solution for you, click here. An experienced glacier guide will accompany you to Sólheimajökull glacier and lead the way while you take it all in.  

Things to do near Skogafoss

Hiking: The black lava volcanic mountains surrounding the Skogafoss waterfall are popular for their outstanding hiking paths. However, the Fimmvorduhals trail also known as the mountain range of the five cairns is the most commonly taken path by hikers. Another interesting thing to know about this trekking path is that it is the original site where Eyjafjallajokull erupted in 2010. Lying between two glaciers, i.e., Eyjafjallajökull glacier  and Myrdalsjokull, the Fimmvorduhals trail is about 25 km long. 

As you hike through the trail, you will find steam escaping out from the lava spread track. The feeling of being in an altogether different and amazing planet is one that needs to be experienced. The highlight of this trekking route is that once you reach the top of the trail, you get a breathtaking view of the endless mountain ridges, glistening glaciers, black sand and the stunning waterfall. It all leaves you in total awe of your surroundings. What an adventure!

Skogar Museum visit:Atjust about a minute’s drive from the Skogar waterfall is the Skogar museum.This museum has an extensive collection of around 15,000 Icelandic artefacts. They are all exhibited in 6 historical buildings and 3 museums — folk museum, transport museum and the open air museum. 

Best time to visit Skogafoss

Irrespective of the time of year your Iceland expedition takes place, you can pay a visit to the marvellousSkogafosswaterfall.Whether you prefer less crowds during the chilly winter months or pleasant weatherwith a crowd of people,it is indeed your preference that determines your time of visit.Winter starts setting in during the month of October, and it’s during the months of November and December that cold blizzards start blowing accompanied by heavy rainfall, fog, snowfall and ice. Between the months of November to April, the base of the waterfall remains covered with ice, and might become a bit tricky to walk around on. 

The weather starts becoming extremely pleasant from the end of May and continues to be enjoyable till the end of August, with sunny days and bright nights. Though, it becomes extremely crowded during these months, this time of the year is the perfect time to experience the mighty falls. 

Experience the Real Solitude

Your trip to Iceland isn’t complete without witnessing the stunning Skogafoss waterfall. Besides being one of the biggest and most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland, it is unarguably the most recognizable one too. It’s worth spending at least a few hours witnessing the grandeur of this majestic fall, and trekking all the way to the top of the waterfall for a unique view. But, if you’re pressed for time, you can make the most of this place within a mere 30 minutes. Whatever you decide, you are sure to have an amazing experience in your adventure tour that will remain etched on your memory for the rest of your life.