My Snorkeling Experience with Tröll Expeditions

A story shared by one of our newest intern:

Hey! I´m Per, 22 years old, from Hamburg in Germany.

I´m an outdoor enthusiast with a great passion for traveling.

I love to spend my time in Nature to photograph, be on adventures or to do some activities such as unicycling or kayaking.

For the next Month I will do an internship at Tröll Expeditions. This is part of my studies at University. I study International Tourism Management in a small Town in the northwest of Germany close to the North Sea.

My Snorkeling Experience with Tröll Expeditions

On Wednesday I booked the Snorkeling in Silfra Tour directly on the beautiful Tröll Expeditions website. 

Shortly after I had booked the Tour, I received an Email with the ticket and detailed information how I can get from Reykjavik to Silfra and where I should park the car.

I parked the car at the parking lot P5 and walked 500m to the meeting point at Silfra Parking.

There I met the super friendly Snorkeling Guides and the other participants of the Tour. 

All the Tours are in small groups so that it is a good and safe experience for everyone.

We were eight participants, who were then divided into two groups of four. Each group had a guide. 

The guides explained to us in detail what we could expect from our tour, we received all the needed equipment such as a warm suit and a dry suit and got an explanation on how we have to put them on.

 We then got a safety briefing. They showed us how we need to breathe and how we can move in the Water. They also showed us a safe position in which we could turn if we didn’t feel good under water. The head would be

 above the waterline then.

The Guides also explained that in Þingvellir, where Silfra is located, the two tectonic plates of north america and eurasia are drifting apart. About two centimeters each year, so Iceland is growing and we basically snorkeled between two tectonic plates. 

After we had put on our dry suits and had had the safety briefing we walked to the entrance of Silfra and went into the crystal clear water. The two groups started with a little bit of time apart, so that we could enjoy Silfra without being crowded.

The scenery in Silfra is breathtaking!

You can see for meters and the play of light and crystal clear water brings out beautiful colors.

The guide told us that the water in Silfra comes underground from Iceland’s second largest glacier called Langjökull. The water is filtered through the lava rock over a period of up to a hundred years before it reaches Silfra. Because of the filtration process through the Lava rock the water is so clear.

We made our way towards the exit point of Silfra and got some small explanations along the way. The guide regularly asked if everything was good and checked if we were alright.

I felt really safe throughout the whole experience.

At the exit point the guides helped us to get out of the water, we walked back to the Silfra parking lot and took off our dry suits. 


After that we got hot chocolate and a snack to warm us up and to get some energy back. During the time we enjoyed our hot chocolate we talked about the experience we just had. 

Then it was time to go back to Reykjavik. 


In the evening I received an Email with a link to all the pictures the guide took of us during our experience. The pictures show us snorkeling in Silfra but also just the beauty of Silfra without any people in it. 

It was an incredible and life changing experience! The explanations from the Guides were really easy to understand and full of information regarding the area of Þingvellir, the tectonic plates and Silfra in itself. I really enjoyed being in a small group, it was possible to get to know the people you were snorkeling with a little bit and that it wasn’t crowded in Silfra.

I can only recommend that you experience it yourself! 


Link to the tour –