Katla Ice Cave Day Tour from Reykjavik

We are starting a new tour! Straight from the capital of Iceland - Reykjavík to one of the most beautiful attractions on the island.

Explore nearly everything that southern Iceland has to offer on a 12-hour tour.

If you can choose one tour in Iceland - Katla Ice Cave Day Tour will be the perfect one!

The land of ice and fire can offer you a lot of beautiful places, but the most important to do while you are travelling in Iceland is to check how powerful the waterfalls are, step on the glacier, ride unbelievably big jeeps, and feel the places where ice and fire are turning into each other.


Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss Waterfalls: Nature in Full Force

On the way to Katla Ice Cave, we'll make stops at two of the most stunning waterfalls in Iceland.

Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss, both with an impressive 60-meter (197 feet) drop, shows the strength and beauty of Icelandic nature. These are places that you must visit and that allow you to feel the atmosphere of this extraordinary country.


Reynisfjara: Black Beauty and Mystery on the Beach

Another spectacular destination on our journey is Reynisfjara, the Black Sand Beach.

It's one of the most beautiful black beaches, mesmerizing with its strength and incredible views. This is a place where you can see basalt columns with a special shape because of the way the lava cools. It is very rare to fi nd such long and solid basalt columns anywhere else in the world.


Katla Ice Cave and where is located?

Katla Ice Cave, located in southern Iceland, just 20 km from the town of Vík í Mýrdal, is truly unique. Positioned atop the Katla volcano, beneath Iceland's fourth-largest ice cap – Mýrdalsjökull – it's where ice and fire intertwine, creating extraordinary landscapes.

The Charm of Katla Ice Cave

What makes Katla Ice Cave exceptional is its unconventional location. Unlike traditional caves, it's not underground. The ice caves form as melting water from the glacier carves through the ice, creating hollow spaces within. This constant process results in the ever-changing appearance of the cave, adding charm to it.

One remarkable aspect is that Katla Ice Cave can be visited throughout the year, a rarity among Icelandic ice caves, which are typically accessible only in winter. This destination reveals its charms regardless of the season, making it unique among Icelandic attractions.


What can I expect when I visit Katla Ice Cave?

Our specialized guides not only ensure your safety throughout the journey but also share their knowledge about the volcano, ice cave, and the most interesting information about Iceland. During the hike, you'll witness not only the beautiful natural Katla Ice Cave - known as dragon glass, but also a new cave formed by a waterfall, where you can enter and traverse its intricate corridors.

Is It Safe to Visit Katla Without a Travel Agency?

Due to rapidly changing weather conditions, visiting Katla Ice Cave on your own is not recommended. Only specialized guides, equipped to handle every situation, should accompany you on this adventure. Ensure your safety and experience 100% satisfaction by booking a tour with us!



The journey to Katla Ice Cave is not just an exploration of the glacier's depths but an unforgettable experience revealing the amazing nature of Iceland. Join us and uncover the secrets of this magical land.

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