Iceland Travel Guide: All you need to know about Falljökull

Ever dreamt of the ultimate ice-climbing adventure in Iceland? Glacier walks, ice-cave tours and the fascinating thrill of being at Falljökull, one of the most remote destinations. What more can you possibly desire? A comprehensive tour of Falljökull offers an adrenaline-pumping and unprecedented high of ice climbing and glacier hike from Skaftafell. All you have to do is challenge yourself a little while traveling to Iceland, climb an ice wall with the aid of an expert guide, and create experiences worth remembering for a lifetime. Get your hiking boots ready!

Written by Troll Expeditions.

Where it all began

Crashing down over thousands of years, the Falljökull glacier is a part of the Vatnajökull National Park that extends up to the Atlantic Ocean. Literally, a giant frozen waterfall that appears to be cascading millimeter by millimeter over innumerable decades, Falljökull is understandably known as the ‘Falling Glacier’. Depending on the time of the year, you will have generous opportunities to visit this incredibly accessible glacier outlet. Strap on a pair of crampons and set forth for the mini-glacial exploration. As is already known, the Vatnajökull glacier covers 8,500 square kilometers and is the largest glacier in Europe. The glacier expedition in itself is a remarkably enjoyable venture and truly fascinating as it takes you through a snowy, dreamy landscape. 

Since it is situated within the Skaftafell Nature Reserve, hiking to Falljökull, an outlet glacier of Vatnajökull, and climbing its new peaks on the popular Blue Ice Adventure is a must on your trip to Iceland. The glistening blue glacier, the mountain peaks stretching out in a fantastic vista, the intricately formed ice sculptures, and the deep crevasses are destined to take your breath away. Hike into this glacial wonderland to take an ice cave tour and unravel the many secrets of the spectacular sites there are here to behold. 

Hiking on Falljökull

Who doesn’t want to witness an amazing ice-carved landscape that keeps changing its formations? Hiking on Falljökull is precisely meant to provide you with a jaw-dropping experience and an astounding view of the vast expanse of mountains and the deep crevasses. In this Iceland expedition, the sight of the massive icefall crashing down the mountain towards the ocean is breathtaking and will give you goosebumps. Fallsjokulskvisl or Falljokull, an outlet from the Vatnajökull glacier, is situated very close to Storalekjargljufur and Graenafjallsgljufur, the two canyons that are worth visiting. The trip to Falljokull glacier tongue makes for a hitherto unexplored glacier experience for even those familiar with hiking through snowy regions. With panoramic views of the zenith of the frozen landscape, the magnificent icefall takes you through the rugged terrains of the glacial labyrinth. 

Exploring Falljökull Glacier

The world-famous expedition to Falljökull, the falling glacier, is an adventure that leaves you spellbound at first and at the same time guarantees an experience that will be etched in your memory forever. Traverse the ever-evolving glacial landscape, a stunning outlet that extends out of the Vatnajökull ice cap. Break away from the monotony of your routine life and embark on an adventure to the country’s South Coast to revel in the bounties of nature. Venture into the scenic expanse of the iconic Vatnajökull National Park in Öræfi and get in touch with a certified English-speaking glacier hiking guide who will train you on properly using glacier hiking equipment. When arriving at Falljökull, you will be briefed about safety rules and introduced to the equipment, including safety lines, crampons, ice axes and helmets. The friendly experts will always prioritize your safety. The Falljökull tour will give you plenty of opportunities to click photographs while the experts teach you about the formation of this massively mesmerizing glacier. 

The Falljökull Glacier has been carved out over millions of years. Climbing the stunning natural ice sculptures of Falljökull, and exploring its tunnels, the moulins and the chilled running water underneath the icy layers are all truly unforgettable experiences.

Upon reaching the edge of Falljökull, you would realize how the tons of ice falling and crashing over each other form an endless heap of jagged ice flakes. At Falljökull, you will find a panorama of glaciers from diverse vantage points and witness the massive icefall from glaciers into the ocean. The glacier is actually the equivalent of a waterfall that doesn’t seem to move. The apparently stationary waterfall isn’t really static. Thanks to global warming, the giant frozen waterfall is rapidly melting. Melted glacial ice produces the tastiest water.

At Falljökull, you will also experience a natural phenomenon that is not witnessed anywhere in the world. The most popular ‘Zombie Glacier’ is the one that has completely stopped moving over the years and now remains stationary, hence earning its name. What is peculiar about it is that no other glacier in the world behaves this way. Are you excited enough to visit the Falljökull glacier now? Learn about the ancient ice formations of the world with crampons on your feet and ice axe in hand and decipher the mystery. While the hardened ice is harder to grip and the glacier can get extra hard to climb upon because of the rains, expert guides will back you up with some quick hacks to navigate the ice slopes. 

Explore these Icelandic glaciers on a 5-hour hiking trip in a small group from our visitor center meeting point in Skaftafell National Park and get to see some of the oldest ice existing on the planet.  

Hike out into the rocky, untouched terrains of Icelandic wilderness on your trip to the Falljökull glacier beginning at Skaftafell. Armed with the necessary equipment to move about here, dive into the glacial waters of the peaceful ocean. 

Located in Skaftafell National Park, this is a perfect destination to add to your list of Icelands must-see locations along with the Golden Circle, and for those thirsty for even more adventures, there is just under an hour's drive to Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon from Skaftafell. 

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