Chat like a local in Iceland

Dive into the Local Culture

Icelanders have a linguistic style as cool as their glaciers! Picture this: amidst the majestic landscapes, they sprinkle their speech with a dash of local slang and a pinch of international flavor.

When Icelanders greet each other, it's not just a simple "hello." They say "Góðan daginn" with a smile as warm as their geothermal pools. And when it's time to toast, they raise their glasses and cheer with a hearty "Skál!" echoing through the cozy taverns.

But wait, there's more! Younger Icelanders blend in some English phrases in their hip and happening the way, adding a trendy twist to their conversations. It's like they're speaking the language of the world while keeping their Icelandic roots firmly planted in the volcanic soil.

Icelanders' language is as dynamic and breathtaking as their surroundings in a land where elves roam and waterfalls cascade. So, next time you're in Iceland, don't just marvel at the landscapes—immerse yourself in the linguistic adventure too!

Our best tips

If you would like to get a little bit more coffee or a top up for any other lovely Icelandic drink, just ask for 10 more drops – "tíu dropar, takk". Not 12 or 15, but ten drops.

Ever had a hot dog filled with raisins? Doesn’t sound good, does it? Still, Icelanders have the saying “Rúsínan í Pylsuendanum,” which translates to “the raisins in the tail of a hot dog.” It’s sort of a vague way to describe something good or unexpected..

“Ég kem alveg af fjöllum.” – I come completely from the mountains. In other words: you have no idea what people are talking about, or feel out of the loop and don’t know what’s going on.

“Gefa undir fótinn.” – Give under the foot. In other words: to flirt.

“Gluggaveður.” – Window weather. In other words: When looking out the window the weather looks perfect, but when you leave, it’s actually very cold. Iceland is the land of extreme and unpredictable weather, so be prepared!

“Áfram með smjörið.” – Get on with the butter. In other words: to get back to work, or get something done quickly.

There is more

Öllari – a beer

Drull – to not give a damn

Pappakassi – idiot (literally, a cardboard box)

Jæja - you can use for everything! It serves a similar purpose in Icelandic as the words “well”, “ok” and “yeah” in English. A simple “jæja” is often all you need to say!