The Active Volcano in Iceland came BACK!

Here in Iceland, the Fagradalsfjall volcano did start erupting again over the time period of August 3-21, 2022. The last time it started up was also on the 3rd of the month – then in October. A live volcano is an unbelievable sight. It’s been described as a natural wonder, a force of nature, and a gift from God. But it’s not all about beauty! Volcanoes can also be quite deadly. A volcano can quickly kill you if you’re caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Before planning to see a volcano – take all the necessary steps and see it with a trained professional.

How to visit the volcano? – Best and safest would've been to book a tour with us Active Volcano Tour, you can be sure that if Fagradalsfjall starts for the third time a tour will be available with us again.


If you want to go and see it yourself, we would've taken you to the very heart of this fantastic, unforgiving, and yet mesmerizing place. There you could've seen the spectacular lava flow in action. Who knows, you might have even spotted a jet of steam coming out of the hole where the lava was coming out!

Historically volcanos have erupted in Iceland every 70-80 years. This fact makes it one of the most active volcano areas in Europe. Fagradalsfjall is an active volcano with current eruptive activity. The giant erupting Volcano in Iceland in the last few years was probably Eyjafjallajökull (the one with the problematic name), spewing ash all over Europe in 2010, disrupting flights across central Europe and even causing some chaos in North America. Eyjafjallajökull is a stratovolcano (a volcano built up from layers of hardened lava) and formed in the rift valley that runs along Iceland’s west coast. The Fagradalsfjall volcano is located right next to Reykjavik and the international airport. So, this eruption will have a significant impact on the city!


As of now, there is no delay in flights or evacuation of residents. But, we will keep you updated as the situation changes. In the meantime – book your trip to see this incredible volcano!

If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience, book a tour with us now! And after seeing the incredible lava – why not look at Þingvellir and Snorkel in the fantastic Silfra?


Things to know about the volcanic eruption:

For those seeing a Volcano resting, we highly recommend Katla and the fantastic super jeep tour there!


Katla Volcano is a caldera volcano located in Iceland. It is the most active volcano in the country and is estimated to be between 40,000 and 50,000 years old. It has had four significant eruptions, most recently in 1973. Most people who visit the volcano do so to see the surrounding glacier lake, Fjallfossgjá, which has a massive waterfall that flows directly into the sea. The lake is in the caldera of a glacier, and its water is crystal clear and often considered the cleanest in the world. The lake is a beautiful sight in any season but is particularly stunning in winter when the frozen surface of the ice reflects the surrounding mountains and sky.

Tours to Katla are available from Vík and offer an excellent opportunity to see one of the most active Volcanos in Icelandic history.