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Traveling in Iceland With #TeamTroll 

The Yule Lads – The Icelandic Santa Claus?

When it comes to the role of the red-clad, generous Santa Claus, Christmas in Iceland has been different from other places, for Santa is, to an extent, absent from the scene. In Iceland, Yule lads, trolls and other mountain dwelling creatures from folklores have been...

Can I Go Glacier Hiking on My Own in Iceland?

No trip to Iceland is complete without hiking over the massive, mesmerising and seemingly unreal glaciers. The sheer beauty of what you see around will make you struggle for adjectives. Hiking to the top of a glacier will allow you to soak in probably one of the most...

Dear traveler

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic Tröll Expeditions has taken the disappointing, but necessary, decision to limit most tours from now until August but will operate the tours possible so if you have a booking with us the tour will be operated. The dates listed as available on our website are correct and those tours will be operated as planned, hopefully there will be a way for our travelers to reach Iceland and join the tours, if you have to cancel your booking please send us an email with your booking number to [email protected](Opens in new tab) and our team will assist you.

We are of course taking extreme measures to make sure that our clients are safe and can travel with us without worrying about the pandemic, all our buses are sanitized after each tour and all equipment cleaned and sanitized according to strict regulations and of course sanitizers available on hand on all tours and departure locations.

We have also offered health care staff in Iceland to join some of our tours for free this summer in an effort to give back to them for their amazing work through out this period.

We wish all our friends out there the very best and look forward to seeing you on our tours as soon as possible.

Best regards,
The Troll Team