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Traveling in Iceland With #TeamTroll 

Ferðumst innanlands með Tröllaferðum

Á þeim fjórum árum síðan Tröllaferðir voru stofnaðar hefur úrval ferða sem við bjóðum uppá aukist jafnt og þétt. Nú er það svo að ferðum er hægt að skipta upp í tvenns konar; annars vegar skipulagðar heils dags eða ferðir með gistingu frá Reykjavík, og hinsvegar...

Kæri heilbrigðisstarfsmaður

Við hjá Tröllaferðum erum ævinlega þakklát fyrir framlag ykkar á þessum víðsjárverðu tímum sem nú sér loks fyrir endann á. Til þess að sýna þakklæti okkar í verki langar okkur til að bjóða ykkur í fría ferð með okkur í sumar. Ferðirnar sem við bjóðum uppá eru...

What Animals Should I Expect to See in Iceland? 🐑

Wild creatures that you may find in Iceland include the Arctic fox, reindeer, mink, rats, rabbits and mice. The domestic breeds include the Icelandic horse, the Icelandic sheep, the Icelandic sheepdog, cattle, chicken and goat. In seas around Iceland, you will find whales, seals, dolphins and more than 300 species of fish.

What Happens if I Need to be Rescued in Iceland ⛑️

Icelanders are ever ready to help tourists with around 100 search and rescue teams all across the country in case an untoward situation comes up. About 4,000 volunteer professionals are on duty round the year, always willing to come forward when the visitors are in...

We Are Hiring Snorkeling Guides 🏅💦

Troll Expeditions is looking for PADI, SSI, CMAS, (or equivalent federations) Scuba or Free diving divemaster/instructors to work in Iceland as Snorkeling guide in Silfra for the summer season 2020 (June to October). Troll Expeditions is a tour operator based in...

Happy Year of the Rat 🐀🎇

Did you know that Iceland expects 130,000 travelers from China this year? That's around 30% of the population of Iceland! 🇮🇸🇨🇳 Our #TeamTroll loves to explore with friends from all over the world that have chosen Iceland to spend their holidays. Today is Chinese New...

Top 7 Do’s and Don’ts of Traveling in Iceland

You may have planned a trip to the land of fire and ice for years, but planning a trip to Iceland is way more complicated than to other countries. But travelers often underestimate the worries that the wilderness of this perilous, remote island brings along. In order...

Blue Ice Caves? All You Need to Know

As far as we all know, ice is supposed to be white. Then why do many ice caves in Iceland turn out to be blue, grey, or mixed with black? Depending on the formation of ice, the cave may be crystal clear like glass or opaque. Iceland caves tend to typically display...

Dear traveler

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic Tröll Expeditions has taken the disappointing, but necessary, decision to limit most tours from now until August but will operate the tours possible so if you have a booking with us the tour will be operated. The dates listed as available on our website are correct and those tours will be operated as planned, hopefully there will be a way for our travelers to reach Iceland and join the tours, if you have to cancel your booking please send us an email with your booking number to [email protected](Opens in new tab) and our team will assist you.

We are of course taking extreme measures to make sure that our clients are safe and can travel with us without worrying about the pandemic, all our buses are sanitized after each tour and all equipment cleaned and sanitized according to strict regulations and of course sanitizers available on hand on all tours and departure locations.

We have also offered health care staff in Iceland to join some of our tours for free this summer in an effort to give back to them for their amazing work through out this period.

We wish all our friends out there the very best and look forward to seeing you on our tours as soon as possible.

Best regards,
The Troll Team