We at Tröll Expeditions take safety very seriously. Due to recent news of current unstable conditions on Svínafellsjökull, our glacier guides will be moving the glacier operation in Skaftafell to the two nearby glaciers, Skaftafellsjökull and Falljökull outlet glaciers until the conditions on Svínafellsjökull will be deemed safe for further glacier operations.

The meeting point is the same as before but the approach hike will be longer by about 15 minutes. The majestic glaciers we now operate on have amazing panoramic views so you will not be disappointed.

As always we will keep alert on updates from The Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management and operate our tours accordingly. We look forward to seeing you on our upcoming glacier adventures on the nearby outlet glaciers.


For further information on general safety while traveling in Iceland, please visit www.safetravel.is