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We are Tröll Expeditions

Passionate about Adventure Travel in Iceland

Ever wish that you had a friend in every country to show you the secret spots, share the inside stories and venture off-the-beaten-path with? Tröll Expeditions is exactly that: your reliable friend and local expert in Iceland.

We’re all about adventure travel that involves close encounters with the tremendous forces of nature that the land of fire and ice is so well-known for. We provide knowledgeable adventure experts and the safety equipment and gear you need. All you need to do is bring a strong dose of enthusiasm and an appetite for life-changing thrills.

We create happy memories for our friends visiting the land of ice and fire!

Traveling in Iceland

Top 7 Do’s and Don’ts of Traveling in Iceland

You may have planned a trip to the land of fire and ice for years, but planning a trip to Iceland is way more complicated than to other countries. But travelers often underestimate the worries that the wilderness of this perilous, remote island brings along. In order...

Blue Ice Caves? All You Need to Know

As far as we all know, ice is supposed to be white. Then why do many ice caves in Iceland turn out to be blue, grey, or mixed with black? Depending on the formation of ice, the cave may be crystal clear like glass or opaque. Iceland caves tend to typically display...

Weather in Iceland? Not just icy cold, but also pleasant

If you feel Iceland is always as cold as ice, it is not. Well, not for everyone and all the time! Whether you feel cold in Iceland or not, it depends on where you are coming from. If you are someone from Siberia or Canada, you won’t find it cold. However, if you are...

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Most Recent Tripadvisor Reviews
Fabiana M
BrazilDecember 20, 2019

We had a group of 5 (all adults) in the 8-day winter tour with Troll expeditions. The local guide super nice and interesting. Stefano was the driver and the guide. He combined professionalism and ‘safety first’ with warmth and good humor, conveying his knowledge of the country and culture and his love for the land and the people.

Most Recent Facebook Reviews
Patricia Chow
MalaysiaDecember 12, 2019

I like much the Troll Expedition services. They bring us many place for fun and fantastic place, which is special blue ice cave etc.. This is our forgotten memories in Iceland with my family and friend. I love : Troll Expedition.

Most Recent Google Reviews
Paula Hoang
United StatesDecember 1, 2019

One of my favorite parts of visiting Iceland! We had a wonderful guide named Janet. She had such a great sense of humour and had so much knowledge to share with us! We had a group of diverse physical abilities and she was great at making sure we felt good on our glacier journey. We made enough stops to take pictures for the memories. Thank you for a wonderful experience!

Most Recent Tripadvisor Reviews
AustraliaNovember 17, 2019

Best Tour of my Life
This tour was by far one of the best ways to explore Iceland in the beginning of winter. Throughout the 8 days we saw countless waterfalls, beautiful landscapes and wildlife. The bus was comfortable and clean and also had in built wifi.

Most Recent Facebook Reviews
Candi Bloom McClave
United StatesAugust 29, 2019

The Silfra snorkeling was my favorite highlight in Iceland. Where else in the world can you snorkel between two tectonic plates.?! I went on this tour in mid July with a few girlfriends. We booked this tour for the day we arrived in Iceland.

Most Recent Google Reviews
Laia Gomez
SpainApril 4, 2019

We did the 2 Day Blue Ice Cave & South Coast: Glacier Hike, Jokulsarlon & Northern Lights and it was an awesome experience. Our guides were really knowledgeable, explaining us lot of details of Iceland, its people, its culture, the glaciers, the northern lights…

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